Virtual Cards for Kids

Empower Your Kid's Financial Future with Bankiom’s YoungBucks Card.

The ultimate solution to teach your kids and teens smart money habits from a young age.

YoungBucks Card

Simple Experience as never before!

Parental Control YoungBucks Card

Parental Control

Bankiom's prepaid payment card for kids & teens offers parental control over spending with reload options, spending alerts, and the ability to set spending limits. Parents can track their child's online spending, control the card's loading, freezing, sharing, and termination. This helps teach kids financial responsibility while giving parents peace of mind.

No Fees YoungBucks Card

No Fees

Get your kids started on the road to financial responsibility with Bankiom's YoungBucks Card - the top choice for a free reloadable prepaid card for kids in the UAE! With no creation or loading fees, parents can teach their kids valuable money lessons without any added costs.

Online Spending Tracker YoungBucks Card

Online Spending Tracker

Help your kids learn about money management with Bankiom's YoungBucks Card - the perfect prepaid payment card for kids with an online spending tracker and parental controls to guide their spending habits. Instant spending alerts give parents peace of mind while kids learn to be smart spenders.

Easy Registration YoungBucks Card

Easy Registration

Bankiom's YoungBucks Card offers financial independence for your kids. Create their card using our app, providing their name, number, and Emirates ID, and start teaching them about financial responsibilities today!

Fun and Engaging YoungBucks Card

Fun and Engaging

Bankiom's YoungBucks Card not only empowers kids to become smarter spenders but also makes learning about money management fun and engaging. This kidscard provides its users the ability to view their card and request top-ups from their parents for online transactions, kids will love the process of building healthy money habits from an early age.

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We make money matters fun for your kids!

Turn up the fun while teaching your kids financial responsibility with the YoungBucks Card - the ultimate prepaid debit card for teenagers. There is no creation or loading fees, and parents can monitor spending and control the card. Meanwhile, kids can view their card and request top-ups for online transactions, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. Registration is also a breeze - just provide a valid Emirates ID! Don't wait any longer,help your teen become a smart spender today by signing up for the YoungBucksCard!

YoungBucks Card

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