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Bankiom is your go-to for that retail fix! Get ready to shop the smart way. Bankiom keeps you on track and handles all of your transactions so you don't have to worry about a thing. Stress shopping no more!
Our mission is to spread happiness across the globe with financial services.

At Bankiom, we want to go beyond just an app that provides financial services and design experiences and memories along the way. With Bankiom, we want to be integrated into users' lifestyles and help improve the financial well-being of people, one cardholder at a time. Bankiom is based out of Dubai, UAE, with products in the GCC. Sign up for Bankiom now to get started with your journey.



Get Real Human Support
We believe in allowing our users to talk to real humans to get their support!
We Hear You!
Our products are designed based on your feedback, and we are a brand that encourages co-creation.
Beyond just Finance
We want to not just help you manage money; we also want to make sure of your financial well-being.
Improving Experiences
We are continuously working on bettering our experience to deliver you the best.
Going the Extra Mile
We go out of our way to make sure users have a great experience with our app, using support and feedback.
Simplifying Processes
We have simplified the process of setting up the prepaid card with a few simple steps.
Start your financial happiness journey with us.
Download the Bankiom app to start setting up your account and discover all the features we have to offer in a single, power-packed application.

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