UAE Residents can spend online in minutes

January 6, 2023

Your own virtual card in a snap

A snap could mean many things. There’s the app you use to send your friends selfies with cat filters. Then there’s the sound that rice crispies make — you know, “snap, crackle, and pop.” And then there’s the sound that your thumb and index fingers make when you “snap” them together. Oh ya, and it also refers to the speed at which you can get your Bankiom card in — if you’re living in the UAE, for now at least.

For real, we’ve super-charged our infrastructure to bring you virtual cards so you can spend online and transfer money to your friends in a snap. You know, like when your parents redo your plumbing at home and install the fancy shower heads in the bathroom so that you get that rainforest shower instead of an old bath — not just because it looks cooler, but because it’s just the modern way of doing things.

If you’re a UAE resident you’ll now be able to upgrade the way you manage your finances too. You start by downloading the Bankiom app on your phone, typing in your phone number, uploading your Emirates ID copy (you have a copy of that on your phone since Covid, right?), taking a selfie (bet you’re an expert at that too), and there you have it… in a snap!

With all of Visa’s benefits, plus more

Our UAE-resident customers will receive Visa-powered virtual cards on their phones to change the way they spend and exchange money. These cards come with Visa’s state-of-the-art 3D-secured technology to keep you safe from fraudsters, giving you a bit more comfort against what your grandma has to say about the bad guys online.

When it comes to spending, you’ll be able to swipe these cards at stores and enter the details whilst online shopping. As for exchanging money (with whoever it may be, friends or family) you can transfer money to them in an instant, so long as they have a Bankiom virtual card too, even if they are not UAE residents themselves.

These cards can be topped up with up to AED 36,000 at a time to get you going for a while. And if you find yourself low in funds, you can easily top up by using another card or bank account.

Ready, steady, spend

Since you’re probably reading this blog on your phone, go ahead and download the Bankiom app and sign up for your card. After all, it’s as easy as … snap!

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