Paying your friend back for dinner doesn’t need to be so hard

November 14, 2022

Peer-to-peer payments in the Middle East is broken

We bet it’s happened one too many times where you’ve had dinner with friends, someone picks up the bill for convenience's sake, and then asks everyone to transfer them their share. It seems pretty easy, right?

But then you need to chase your friend down for their bank account details, go online and add them, sometimes even wait 24 hours for your bank to clear them as a beneficiary and then transfer to them what you owe them. Suddenly this is not so easy any more.

Oh ya, and on top of that you’re likely paying a transfer fee, meaning you’re paying more overall! That goes without saying — what if you or they are visiting from out of town? Well, now the transfer fee goes waaaaaaay up! Sometimes more than the cost of your share of the meal altogether. Not really worth it, right?

These are the problems you’re likely facing with peer-to-peer payments, if you have a bank account at all. Truth of the matter is, if you don’t have a monthly income or if you’re underage (students, we’re looking at you) you probably don’t even have a bank account at all due to the various requirements banks put in place to deem you “bankable.” How on earth are you supposed to pay back your friend who’s visiting from abroad with cash? We’ll be waiting until you get your hands on a carrier pigeon and train them…

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