Multiple tabs got you feeling chaos?

November 14, 2022

How many tabs do you have open right now?

Ever since the Alt + T shortcut came into our lives, it seems as though, all of a sudden, it’s been okay to just open yet another tab to access a site on our desktops and phones—though toggling between them is more often than not an art in itself. This is made worse by everyone insisting on having their own app or website for you to use — whether it’s to hail a ride, order some takeout, or transfer money to your friend for that burrito they got you last weekend.

Some tasks are more complicated than others when it comes to sorting through different sites. Take finding the perfect dress for your best friend’s wedding — you’ll probably be browsing several online retailers in one go and have a tab open per dress. This will likely take you the better half of a full afternoon, but once you hit checkout you should be good to go (unless the size isn’t right once it’s delivered).

However, other tasks can get really, really complicated — particularly if they’re a daily activity. Take tracking your spending, for example. You’d need to keep a daily tally of money going in and out of your accounts to make sure you’re on the right track to meet your end-of-month savings goal. If you miss a day or two, then going back in time and reconciling multiple days’ worth of transactions can be an outright pain. This becomes particularly challenging when you have accounts across several financial institutions — and likely each one of them requires you to access their own apps to know your balance or statement.

What you can do about the chaos

As everyone loves an e-commerce site that has every possible thing you can ever want, making looking back at your orders and managing returns easy (thank you, Amazon!), it’ll come as no surprise that having a single point of reference for your financial activities will bring you just as much relief.

The fact is, though, people likely do have accounts with several financial services providers, because one institution may have served you a bunch of free airline miles with your credit card whilst another may have offered you free bank transfers for a year. This makes “chaos” inevitable when it comes to planning your finances.

Enter Bankiom — an end to the multi-tab conundrum. Bankiom allows you to connect your UAE bank accounts to our app, however many they may be, so that you can have a single dashboard that tells you just where you’re at when it comes to your financial balance. You’ll be able to see your balances and transaction histories so that you know exactly how you came to that point (whether it's above or below your budget).

How you can use Bankiom’s connect bank feature for your personal finance management

Once you connect your bank accounts through the Bankiom app, you’ll have access to our analytical tool that gives you insights into your spending habits. We’ll help you categorize your expenses so that you know exactly what type of spending is stretching your budget more than it should be.

Having access to your spending data will empower you to tweak your budget to help you get on the right track to meeting your financial goals — now, who wouldn’t want that?

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