• Where does Bankiom store my banking information?

    Bankiom does not store your banking credentials on our servers. We are a gateway to your bank, where your information is stored with them in accordance with their own standards.

    We connect you through open banking, which means you have complete control over data and never have to share your credentials with us.

    We still use bank-grade security to ensure your data and information is protected at all times.

  • Is my personal information safe with you?

    At Bankiom, customer privacy and data security are our highest priority. Your information on our systems are protected with industry-standard encryption and security measures.

    We hold regular security audits and tests by qualified security and data specialists to challenge our protocols in order to ensure that we avoid any vulnerabilities.

  • Is my money safe?

    Our anti-fraud alert system ensures we get real-time alerts of any fraudulent and suspicious activity, allowing us to act fast.

  • Is Bankiom free?

    Yes, our app is free to download and basic features, such as card top-ups, currently do not have any fees.

  • Do I need to switch banks to use Bankiom?

    You do not need to switch from your existing bank.
    Currently, for the residents of the UAE, through the Bankiom app, you’ll be able to link your existing bank accounts and have a single-view dashboard of all your bank accounts.

  • On what platforms is the Bankiom app available?

    You can download the Bankiom app for the Apple Store and Google Play store

  • Where do I need to be living to use Bankiom?

    Bankiom is currently available to residents of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

    By the end of 2022 we hope to be able to extend our services to residents of Egypt and Iraq.

    Our ambition is to be the leading bank account-alternative for MENA, Turkey, and Pakistan by 2023.

  • Do you provide customer support if I have any questions or complaints?

    Our dedicated customer support is here to address any questions you may have. You can reach out with any query that you may have and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

  • What are your requirements for customers to get a Bankiom card?

    Once you download the Bankiom app, you’ll be asked to upload copies of your national ID, passport, proof of address (which could be a bank statement, utility bill, or lease agreement), and your profile photo (or a selfie through our app).

  • How can I start using my Bankiom card?

    Download the Bankiom app and create an account. Following, you can open a virtual card directly within the app and top it up using a debit or credit card.

  • Is Bankiom a bank?

    Bankiom is a bank account-alternative. Bankiom provides virtual cards that you can spend online and at retail stores.