About Bankiom

Banking that works for you

Standing Tall, Being Seen ...

Life already presents plenty of challenges; a universal necessity like banking shouldn’t be one of them.

We know banks are good at keeping our money, but that’s no longer good enough. We aren’t looking for banks with fancy local branches, we need easy to access, secure helpful online banking experience that offers practical financial solutions — and it’s ok, we’re not all money savvy, so we sometimes need a little help to keep on top of our finances.

This is what Bankiom, a new type of bank, is dedicated to providing.

We Deserve Better

Many of us feel that the banks haven’t been on our side – that, with all the hidden fees, the long holds, and unnecessary products; the banks have made things harder for us to get ahead, 

We believe that we deserve better. We know we can do better, and that’s why we’re building a bank you’ll want to be a part of. A bank that works for you and puts your needs first.

We welcome you to join a bank that believes in you, grows with you and secures your financial future.

Fast account opening

Open a current account minutes, right from your phone.

For The Greater Good

Designed to give back and work for the common good.

Peace of Mind Security

Your account is protected by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

Together We Can Do More, Be More and Dare More

Like you, we don’t believe that just anyone should be allowed to handle your money. We believe that your bank should help you grow your finances and foster values that you live by.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to forward innovation, complete social responsibility, maximum transparency and values.

Together we can achieve more our way.

Finally a Bank That Works For you

A current account that supports your dreams and invests in your future. Bankiom combines innovative banking, money management, loan approvals and unparalleled customer support to ensure your money is secure, and your bank is working for you to help you achieve your dreams.


    Open your account in 3 minutes or less directly from your phone – no paperwork, no credit checks, no fuss


    Track your spending and create a budget. Set up reminders to keep you ahead on your bills, and receive tips on how to best reduce fees and avoid needless expenses.


    Submit a loan application in less than 5 minutes and get instant approval. NO paperwork, NO long queues, NO fuss

Join the Waiting List and Get Priority Access

Bankiom is not yet a Bank but we are applying to become one.