Get an online spending card on your phone in…3 minutes or less

  • Virtual so you have it on the go
  • Prepaid so you don’t overspend or go overbudget
  • Safe…you have our word

Bankiom in the media

Bankiom's pitch for Misk500 Demo Day
11 May 2020
In conversation with Bankiom CEO Danny Abla
10 April 2020

New opportunities through seamless banking

A new kind of online-only financial services – one that is not only global, effortless and financially empowering, but also believes in you and your future.

Bankiom works for you and with you to actively grow and manage your money better. We stand with you in good times and support you when you need a financial boost the most.


Open your account in 3 minutes or less directly from your phone – no paperwork, no credit checks, no fuss


Happy days, everyday. We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our goal is to help you put more money back in your pocket


Financial services fraud protected, and secured by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

Your first step towards a healthy financial future

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Spend smarter with a virtual card

  • It’s entirely digital so you can start using it right away
  • Set a spending limit so you don’t go over budget
  • Use it for your online purchases, subscriptions, in-app payments – you name it

One app for all your bank accounts

  • Access your bank accounts on the go and get a unified, consolidated feed
  • Have one app and always be sure of how much money you have
  • Connect all your accounts and pool your money from multiple accounts seamlessly

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Breaking down banking barriers

  • You don’t need to go to a bank to open an account
  • No minimum balance or salary certificate
  • Just open a Bankiom account directly from your phone

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Enjoy The Best Banking Experience

  • Accepted Worldwide

    Use your card anywhere with no withdrawal fees

  • Send and Receive Money Via Chat

    Send and receive money using your favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal

  • Real-time Instant Notifications

    Instant notification features whenever you send or receive money

  • Easy Money Transfer

    Connect all your bank accounts and move money between them seamlessly

  • Send and Receive Money Instantly

    No queues, no paperwork – send money right from your phone to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Join 401,381 people who want to improve their financial future!
Last updated: 21 December 2020 - 08:01:02 GS8

Bankiom is an online-only financial services company

Bankiom - Smart Online Banking App - Connect your money to your dreams... Only UAE dreams for now | Product Hunt